Hello from Mississippi!

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I just wanted to say hello. I am from Bay Saint louis, Mississippi. I used to go to the old forum years ago. Glad to be back. I look forward to visiting when I can.
Hi Netpeach sooo glad to see you here! This is like old times. Many old friends and some new friends for you to meet. See you around the threads.


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Cool...hello netpeach...i was just thinking of you the other day as I was putting up some mags on the fride...I still have my little card that reminds me God is in taking care of all my needs...Welcome wonderful to see you dear:)


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So glad to see you here, lost your email address as I wanted to invite you.
It's getting better everyday, more and more old friends are showing up... YIPEE


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Oh, my god, and yippee yi ya.......so glad to see ya girlfriend........ did you enjoy your snow the other day.....saw it on the news....

have a wonderful xmas and a very happy new year.....and visit soon!!
Netpeach I'm proud to see you found us.I have been wondering where you were.I even looked through a list of addresses I have from an old site we all visited.I proudly hung my ornament I recieved from you last year on my tree.
It's great to see alot of our old friends getting together again.:)


Netpeach.......another name that looks familiar..........wonderful! Glad you could joing us, and will see you around the forum...........:)


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When she has a spare moment we need to get NetPeach to tell the story of her granddaughter and the "missing ingredient". Crabber has some grandkids now and I bet after hearing the story, those grandkids will wind up with a container of that missing ingredient. That is one of the coolest "gramma" stories I ever heard.

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