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I didn't have to tell her Dale..she asked me if that was my friend from Florence. I had already told her all about you. I asked her to join and see if she had any problems getting in here...and she did.
Randy, her name is Katherine or Kat. I gave her the username...LOL
Any of you new members will love this batch of moderators and experts in the area, they have been my buddies for years. They were my first friends when I moved to canada 7 years ago. Now I am back in PA, and they will be great friends here.
Hi ya'll! It is nice to meet you all. Of course I know all of you already. My mom is always talking about her good friends on the garden site. Listening to her talk it sounds like one big family. I don't have much to offer in plants considering I have a brown thumb unlike my mom with her jungle over there haha just kidding.


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That's a family joke no one understands but us! I'll let you all in on it..my grandson, a few years ago made the statement that I had a tropical paradise in my back-yard. Of course he was too young to realize there was not much tropical stuff there but it did look good. Over the years and my adding more, he made the statement..Nanna, you sure do have a jungle back here.
OK... so I'm trying to get it back in order!
Welcome Kat! I hope your mother has only told you good things about us!!!!!! We're glad you're here. Don't worry...if you hang out with us for long enough, you'll not only have a green thumb, you might have green hands. Your mom is the coolest person, and I couldn't be more proud to call her a friend! Coolness must run in the family!
Mom I really think it was those elephant ears that was taller than him. They were beautiful. I have a few on the side of the front porch but they not dear grow as big as the ones you had. I don't know if she has shared some of her photos but it is a beautiful place out there in the spring. One day I will get there. If I ever finish the house!?!
Plantlover, it has only been nothing but good.
And all my friends call me Kat mom only calls me by my birth name when she's mad at me. But you know I think Dasiemae is growing on me LOL.
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I think Dasiemae is adorable! I have some elephant ears, too. Come spring, they go wild. Mine are not plain green, but they have some black or purple in them.

If you want yours to get real big and healthy like your mom's, give them some Epsom salts about every two weeks. Feed them about 1/2 cup. The other thing to do is give them loads of water. Once mine wake up from their winter sleep and start producing pups, I'd gladly share some with you if you'd like.
Plantlover, Believe it or not they are about the only thing i have here that I have not killed. I have some of the black to but they don't get very big. But I planted them around the outside water spicket. But I thought salt killed plants? But I will try the epsom salt thanks alot.

Dasiemae, Epsom salts aren't the same thing as regular salt. Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate. It's a mineral. For elephant ears and cannas, using it more liberally and more often seems to make them real happy. I also use it on my hibiscus, Rose of Sharon and several other things. If you want to kill snails or slugs, sprinkling Epsom salt on them is supposed to make them sort of shrivel up and melt.

Planting your EE's right near a spigot is a brilliant idea. That's why you haven't killed them!
Well ain't I just silly I thought epsom salt was just for soaking your feet in lol. I never really read the box. Thanks Randy on that I would have put alot more. I know ya'll probley read mom's post about getting my rose's.? I wonder if I had put some of epsom salt to them if they would have done as good as mom has them looking? The soil where I live is different from her's and we aren't but 10-15 min away from each other.


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No, you aren't silly. Just because you don't know about a topic doesn't make you silly. Ask me about knitting. All I know about that is that you use yarn.
Randy, I have a box full of yarn and the needles. I have made a couple of baby blankets but I only got one stitch that works out. I really surprised myself with that one. I figured if I start now by the time I have grands I will have enough blankets to go around.
I picked up some Zinnia dwarf seed yesterday to plant in the flower boxes under my windows at the front of my house. Last year I planted wild flower seeds of course non of them grew. I am gonna start them inside this year. I would love to grow carnations but they really don't like the soil and weather here. wish me luck!

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I don't grow flowers, but my daughter and her husband work at it a little bit. My wife and I collaborated with them when we bought this house so we have 7 of us that live here. Two of the granddaughters are away at school though, so they won't be back until summer vacation. But I have an orchard (small one), a vegetable garden, and a berry patch to help keep me out of trouble.

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